Project Management System

Archway Projects has developed an in-house, adaptable project management system.

The system is fully configurable, taking into consideration the individual requirements and particulars of any given project.

Although there are numerous, general project management tools in the industry today, Archway Projects has created its own project management systems to suit the special characteristics and requirements of any given project.

Working from the premise that each project has its own unique requirements, Archway Projects has developed strategic, hands-on systems that can effectively manage any project through its life cycle.

Archway Projects takes responsibility for managing projects throughout the project life cycles and phases. 

Comprehensive Project Management 

These phases include: needs identification, concept-ualisation, pre-feasibility, feasibility, design and detail for tender, tender document preparation, tender process, adjudication, implementation, commissioning and finally, hand over.

The company also sets clear objectives and has systems to measure risk, performance and accountability throughout all project phases. This ensures that potential problems are picked up early, that unnecessary costs are avoided and that projects remain on schedule. 

Communication on any project is critical and the company has developed unique, in-house document and communication control systems that ensure records are kept and communication between all parties remains unambiguous.